For over 30 years REE-Construction/First General Idaho has provided professional fire damage restoration of building and their contents.  Please call for an assessment of what is needed in your situation to Put Things Right.
Smoke or fire damage creates a special set of problems to achieve a complete restoration depending on the source of the fire, the material that smoldered or burned, the length and intensity of the burn as well as  the material affected by the smoke or fire damage. The visual fire damage to the building may be easily identified, but if a complete assessment of its affects on the structure, the finishes and maybe most importantly the personal property can compound the process of restoring the full appearance and function of the affected items.

Years ago the standard practice in fire damage restoration was to cover up as much of the visible damage (e.g. white paint) and add various fragrances (i.e. reodorants) using devices such as thermal fogging equipment .  The expectation was that the owners would accept the appearance and the hope was that the smoke odor would dissipate over time.

This approach to fire damage restoration is outdated, but still common. 

Current industry best practices dictate that aggressive removal of smoke residues on building materials through detailed cleaning and methods such as mdia blasting with soda, dry ice and other materials is the first step to full restoration. Wholesale application of sealants to framing in attics and crawlspaces raises red flags and may diminish the value of the property at time of a sale or other appraisal.

In a proper fire damage restoration only after the residues are removed should reconstruction can begin. 

Damage to personal property also needs to be carefully considered.  The methods will vary depending upon the material and construction of a item (e.g. fire damage to artwork) as well as the value of the item being considered for restoration.  The same approach does not work for leather that would be used on paper. The restorer should understand the limits of the competence and have networked with a team of professionals expert in various field.


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